Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures (Level I: 2013 onwards)

This second year undergraduate (Level I) module teaches the fundamentals of Cybersecurity through the vehicle of penetration testing. Course topics include security principles, risk, ethical & legal issues, penetration testing practices, manipulation of application execution, malware & rootkits, intrusion detection, and security policies.  See myBU for course material, or the reading list for pointers to what we cover.

Security by Design (Level H/M: 2013 onwards)

This module is currently under development.  It will be primarily delivered to final year undergraduates (Level H), but an edited version will also be delivered as part of our forthcoming MSc in Cyber Security and Human Factors. This module teaches students how to ‘build security into’ both the design and specification of secure systems, and the broader socio-technical context within which they are situated. Indicative content includes material on authentication, authorisation, design techniques for security, security requirements & architecture, security economics & entrepreneurship, and security awareness, education & training.

Undergraduate projects

I am happy to supervise projects broadly involving the use of design techniques and/or design tools to build secure systems.  If you would like me to be your supervisor then I would suggest taking a look at my ‘Project Ideas’ page in the first instance.  Where I have more students than I can supervise, I will prioritise those with proposals centred around these ideas.

I’m particularly keen on supervising students interested in writing papers based on their final year projects. As such, I’m happy to provide any additional support associated with this, and help in finding additional funding for students to present their work, either in the UK or internationally. This option will be of particular interest to those wishing to pursue doctoral research after their degree.